Anniversary Party 2015 Da'covale Auction

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Da'covale auction at Anniversary Party 2015

Ivanor Winshaw

Ivanor offered his grilling expertise to satisfy a party of four!! The menu consisted of:

  • St. Louis style ribs
  • Stovetop Mac and cheese
  • Cowboy style baked beans
  • Special Skillet cornbread

Purchased by the Red Ajah in attendance

Ty al'Djinn

Ty offered his massage talents! He offers several different types of massage: oils: peppermint, tea, and eucalyptus, heat wraps, and hot stone. This auction is for 1 hour of the massage type of your choosing. You may go in with others and split the hour if you choose. It is important to note that this is a professional quality massage, and choices such as hot stone and oils cannot be done over a shirt.

Purchased by Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach

Roheryn Galghandhrei

Roh offered her sewing skills! This auction was for a your choice of a shawl or an unlined cloak. All materials are provided.

Purchased by Zandera

Aryawnah Federov

For this small auction, Ary offered to create three sigs. They can be made all at once, or over a period of time if you anticipate raisings. She will also update the three sigs for you upon notice.

Purchased by Vivianna L'antreau

Sean Dragoran and Aryawnah Federov

Sean and Ary combined forces this year to offer photography, makeup, and hair. Both photographers offer a different type of photography, and the purchaser received either both styles, or one of their choosing as well as the option to have their hair and makeup done.

Purchased by Ty al'Djinn

Ealandrelle Melyma

Eala offered to make Scottish Tablet for the winner of this auction. :

Purchased by Eli

Alora Sionn

Alora offered a drawing of your choice on site!

Purchased by Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

Ubahsur Kindellaer

Ubah offered her HR services for up to an hour! Such as:

  • Reviewing a resume and making suggestions can take 10-30 minutes
  • Can answer questions (Is my boss a jerk? I have this situation... Do I have the right benefit coverage? What does X mean? Is this a hostile work environment? Can they do that?) in 5-10 minutes per question.
  • If someone wants prep for an interview that also takes about 10-60 minutes depending on how in depth and what they want out of it.

Purchased by Kitan

Katherine Avery

Katherine offered her sewing services. She offered to make either a simple dress for an adult or child, unlined jacket, or decorated vest that takes not longer than 5 hours to make. Materials provided by the purchaser.

Purchased by Ivanor

Ahmyra al'Ruley

Ahmyra was one of the General Service da'covale.

Purchased by Aduivas

Maibella Rhoiden

Maibella was one of the General Service da'covale.

Purchased by Naomi


Purchased by Nymala


Purchased by Lyara's husband/guest

Rhed al'Tere

Purchased by Naomi, Kelgan, Zandera, and Slade


Purchased by Drake