Cimorene Traconnen

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Cimorene Traconnen
Real Name Ashley
Location New York, USA
Birthday February 8th
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Yellow Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date August 8, 2006
Bonded to Gidgiddoni Traconnen
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Senior Member Interview

February 15 2008

Why did you choose Yellow?

I felt the most "at home" there, I could post and talk with others easily. I had a lot in common with the other sisters and I liked the close nit group that it was. I felt people read what I posted and cared about what I thought. I also like what the yellow ajah stands for, how organized the ajah was I also liked the role that they have on the site and the way they really are involved with what’s going on in your real life. It was a feeling that I belonged that made my decision and I felt that way almost at once when I guested with the ajah!

Are you like the Yellows in the Books?

I didn't think so at first. The books focus more on the healing and there are few other yellow sisters that are well explained besides Nynaeve. Now that I am in the ajah though I can see more and more of how I am yellow in the books than before I joined. Instead of focusing on yellow equals into medicine I started to see a lot of other characteristics like passionate, upbeat and positive, nurturing, concerned for others, into healing physically as well as mentally and spiritually and of course that there is a bit of a fiery temper if handled wrong! Me to a “T”!

Do you care for people and love to heal things?

I care a lot about people. I am a mother so naturally I am caring about someone everyday all day. But I want others to be happy and to be able to have someone they can vent to and talk to about anything. I try to be that way on the site and I am very much that way in RL. I like things that deal with healing but I am not into the medical field at all, (I have a weak stomach for such things)! I’m more you feel sick have some chocolate, you are frustrated here eat some chocolate and if you are contemplating the mysteries of the universes than by all means have some chocolate! All kidding aside I have always liked herbs and the whole natural way of healing things but that about as far as I’ve ventured into that field I have just always been intrigued by it.

How was your time as Citizen/Novice/Accepted?

Oh as a citizen I remember feeling bored a lot there weren't many forums to see and I could only post so much about things that didn't end up becoming spammy, as a novice I enjoyed having a place to belong in a thread for me and my roomies to talk about whatever we wanted it was lots of fun, as an accepted I rushed to guest as soon as I could. I had seen other accepteds talk about guesting and was eager to get to know the other ajahs. I had a good time guesting it gave me a great chance to get to know some sisters I might not have otherwise!

How long have you been a member of

About 1 1/2 years.

What things do you do for

Spam! Er' I mean talk with other members, I am very active in my own ajah forums. I am the gardener for the yellow ajah (which means I jazz up the avi's and sigs during holidays and such). I also welcome new members and congratulate active members on their progression on the site as often as I can.

How did you get to read the Series?

My hubby introduced them too me when I was sick and expecting our first baby girl. He had read them in high school and hadn't done much with the series since. I was always into fantasy but stopped reading books right before I was in high school so the topics of book preferences never came up when we were dating. We laughed when we found out we had been closet cases about enjoy the fantasy genre and have enjoyed reading the series together ever since!

To whom are you bonded, if you're bonded?

Well I shall be bonded to Gidgiddoni as soon as he is able (he's a recruit right now) we've been married for almost 6.5 years now!

Who is your mentee, if you have one?

Kyla Sedai was my Mentor and Liana is my big sis!

Who is your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

Min was my favorite girl Mat was my favorite boy! As far as favorite nation I'd have to say...Aiel waste probably.

What kind of music do you like?

Anything for the most part (except music about sex or drug I hate it when things are degrading to women too), but if the song doesn't have any of that stuff in it then I will listen to any genre!

What are your favorite movies?

British comedies, The Importance of Being Earnest, Emma, The Man Who Knew Too Little, and An ideal Husband just to name a few. I like the chick flick comedies too, Steel Magnolias, While You Were Sleeping, Oscar and Your's Mine and Ours (the older version). I am not into suspense at all so I hate scary shows or thriller adventure stuff, keep it light and funny and I'll watch it, though I really enjoyed LoTR and they had a little suspense for me but it was well worth it!

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

I was pumping gas with my mom and the person opposite of my gas pump clicked since he was done and I thought it was me that clicked cause I was busy talking to my mom. Well when I pulled the nozzle away from my car she got sprayed down with gasoline. I was so shocked that I showered her with gas for like 20 seconds before I put it back in my car and realized what just happened! Luckily we were at a truck stop filling up so she could shower and wash her clothes there since we were traveling together. We laughed later but she was super mad at the time, I felt horrible!

What job do you have?

I'm a full time mom and I love it! I am a on again off again student too depending on how busy it is at home with the munchkins!

Do you have a pet?


What languages do you speak?

Just English, I took German in high school but don't remember any of it!

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

I could never decide on one for more than a week it changes all the time...

Min or Aviendha?


Sword or Spear?


Candy or Cookies?


Clothing or Make up?

Both, Clothing and Make-up! Why limit yourself!?!

A short bio about yourself.

Humm where to begin? I have been married for about 6.5 years, my hubby is truly my sole mate (yes I get all mushy when I talk about Blake) and we’ve got two little girls one is 3 the other is 1 year old and we’re expecting out 3rd! It’s so much fun having little kids they have amazing amounts of energy and are tons of fun to play with and teach things too. I am into a ton of different hobbies I love to cook and bake, I have dabbled in making my own bead jewelry, cake decorating, I have taken a lot of classes at college about children, religions, and photography. I am a hobby photographer, I like to digital scrapbook, and am addicted to TarValon. I am active in my religion which is a huge part of who I am, I’m LDS and really love it. I really like singing, and enjoy make-up, O.P.I. nail polish, glazed croissants, dates with Blake once the girls are in bed with games and snacks, anything to do with hanging out with my family especially going on mini-adventures and nature trails, sleeping in late on a Saturday and making a big dinner on Sunday, I love Christmas and autumn. Other than all that important stuff I guess there isn’t much more to tell, but I am happy to get to know anyone that wants to drop me a PM anytime!