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Guesting with the Green Ajah

To guest with Green, simply send me an email to with the following form, filled out. I'll reply to that email to confirm I've received it and will then add you to our Halls and I or our Heart will create a welcome thread for you.

Tower Name:
RL First name:
Would you like to have a Big Sis during your stay with Green? She will be your "Green mentor", so to speak.
* Note: The following questions will be used as conversation starters to help you get acquainted with the Green sisters. Please give thoughtful, descriptive answers.

What are you passionate about? Please share three interesting facts about yourself:


If you decided that you want to explore the other Ajahs, simply let Roheryn Sedai know. She will then remove you from our Halls usergroup, after you've said your goodbyes!

Aspiring to the Green Ajah

What do I do?

If you want to aspire to the fantabulous Green Ajah, all you need to do is contact Melisande Arneil, and she will take the next steps with you!

Yes, that's all! Isn't that great ;).

Contact the Green VIPs

Contact Faeril Munlear, the Head of the Green Ajah

Ajah email:

Contact Arisaema Draconis, the Heart of the Green Ajah

Ajah email:

Contact Aryawnah Federov, the Head Green Monkey

Ajah email:

Contact Melisande Arneil, the Head Ibis

Ajah email: