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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Emares is a Tairen Lord fighting in the Aiel War. On the last real night of the Aiel War, he is camped near Tar Valon. He sends an officer to Lan with a message that there are five or six hundred Aiel heading east, and that if Lan's men can form an anvil on the ridgeline referred to as the Hook, his will form the hammer to strike them.

It turns out that Emares undercounted the Aiel, as there are easily two thousand of them. Lan refuses to leave, even when Emares doesn't show up, because he knows that if Emares' men attack without the anvil in place, they will be slaughtered. He thinks that if he can hold on until Emares shows up, they might all be able to get clear. He decides that if Emares fails to show up by the time the Aiel are within two hundred paces, he will try to wheel his company off the ridge and attempt to ride around the Aiel and join Emares.

Emares never shows up, and after the Aiel leave without attacking, Lan tells Bukama that they are going to speak to Emares.

(Reference: New Spring, Chapter 1)


"Lord Emares is following about five or six hundred Aiel with six hundred of his armsmen." He shook his head slightly. "Odd thing is, they're heading east. Away from the river. At any rate, the snow slows them as much as it does us, and Lord Emares thinks if you can place an anvil on that ridgeline they call the Hook, he can take them from behind with a hammer. Lord Emares doubts they can reach it before first light." (Emares' messenger to Lan; New Spring, Chapter 1)

The name Emares was unfamiliar, but the army was so large, nearly two hundred thousand men representing more than a dozen nations, plus Tower Guards from Tar Valon and even a contingent of the Children of the Light, that it was impossible to know above a handful of names. (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 1)

"We will find Lord Emares and talk -- politely -- concerning hammers and anvils." (Lan to Bukama after Emares never shows up; New Spring, Chapter 1)