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Author: Annouk Vinkona Ùlfanna

AHL-LAN man-DRAG-or-an


His full name is al'Lan Mandragoran, Lord of the Seven Towers, Lord of the Lakes, and true Blade of Malkier. The "al'" in front of his name signifies royalty. It is rarely used since he is not the crowned King of Malkier. His parents are al'Akir and el'Leanna Mandragoran (TEotW, Ch. 47). He was born the same year Malkier fell to the Blight (953 NE). He is anointed Dai Shan, "consecrated as the next King of Malkier." As an infant, he is taken from Malkier by twenty men to safety in Fal Moran, Shienar. Five of these men survive and raise him. They train him to be the best sword master of his generation. He has been raised in Shienar but in Malkieri tradition (NS, Ch. 1).


Lan is described as having an angular face made from stony planes, weathered but unlined. His eyes are cold and blue. His shoulder-length hair is gray at the temples and held back by a thin braided leather cord, the hadori. He moves like a wolf. The Warder cloak he wears makes him seem to be melting into his surroundings (TEotW, Ch. 2).

He is as tall as Rand and “more heavily muscled, if not quite so broad across the shoulders" (TGH, Ch. 1).


Condensed Timeline

This section contains spoilers relating to the whole series. Please expand to view.

  • 953 NE: He is born the same year in which Malkier falls to the Blight. He is anointed Dai Shan.
  • 955 NE: Infant taken from Malkier by twenty men to safety in Fal Moran, Shienar (NS, Ch. 1).
  • 976-978 NE: He fights in the Aiel War for the so-called "Great Alliance" (NS, Ch. 1).
  • 979 NE: He meets Moiraine (NS, Ch. 19) and is bonded to her (NS, Epilogue).
  • 998 NE: He comes to Emond's Field with Moiraine at Winternight (TEotW, Ch. 2).
  • 998 NE: Moiraine's vanishes through a ter'angreal(TFoH, Ch. 52).
  • 1000 NE: He saves Nynaeve's life and marries her (ACoS, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: He is taken to the Borderlands by Nynaeve (KoD, Ch. 20).
  • 1000 NE: He is joined by Bulen (ToM, Prologue)
  • 1000 NE: He is joined by Andere, Nazar, and Rakim (ToM, Ch. 7)
  • 1000 NE: Lan's joined by over a dozen more men with lots of supplies (ToM, Ch. 23)
  • 1000 NE: Lan makes it to the Arafel border where he is recognized and joined by thousands more. (ToM, Ch. 42)
  • 1000 NE: Lan and his army of 12000 attack an army of at least 150000 head on at Tarwin's Gap.(ToM, Epilogue)

Lan's Journey

New Spring

This section contains spoilers relating to New Spring. Please expand to view.

When he is fifteen, Edeyn Arrel chooses to becomes his first lover, his carneira. In Malkieri tradition, a man's carneira is of great importance. At the age of sixteen, when he is given his hadori, a thin braided leather band, he goes to fight the Shadow (NS, Ch. 16).

We meet Lan when he is fighting in the Aiel War on the side of the "Great Alliance" (NS, Ch. 1). When the war is over, he travels back north, led by the urge to go to the Blight and avenge his country. In Kandor he meets Moiraine. They discover their common goal: the fight against the Shadow. She bonds him (NS, Epilogue).

He follows her on her quest to find the Dragon Reborn.

The Eye of the World

Lan and Moiraine Sedai come to Emond's Field to find it soon raided by Trollocs and Fades. Lan discovers that Rand is wearing a heron-mark blade (TEotW, Ch. 8). They leave Emond's Field on their way to Tar Valon (TEotW, Ch. 9). On their trip to Tar Valon, he starts teaching the boys the use of their weapons (TEotW, Ch. 13).

During the journey Lan is the guide. He tells everyone where to go, when to eat, and when to sleep. He is the scout and watch dog, very much a Warder. He maintains this role throughout the series.

Lan falls in love with Nynaeve. She starts impressing him by being able to read tracks and moving silently in the woods (TEotW, Ch. 16; Ch. 21). In the Blight, Nynaeve confesses her feelings for Lan. He admits that he thinks she's beautiful and a remarkable woman but he does not want to see her as a widow (TEotW, Ch. 48). Later he gives her his signet ring, which will help her if she is ever in need. He even swears that he will come to her should she ever send a message marked with it. This is the first time that he contradicts his obligation to Moiraine (TGH, Ch. 8).

The Great Hunt

More than a month after their trip to the Eye of the World, Lan and Rand spar atop a tower in Fal Dara. When a solid wall of air holds Rand temporarily in place, Lan appears concerned but comments that “Strange things can happen this close to the Blight.” They talk about Rand’s heron mark sword as well as Rand’s reason for not yet having left Fal Dara. Rand admits that it is because he hopes that Moiraine can tell him something more about what he is. Lan tells Rand that he doesn’t think Moiriane can help him any more. Finally, Lan and Rand hear trumpets and realize that the Amyrlin Seat has travelled to Fal Dara. Lan tells Rand that he should have left a week ago and leaves to go inside (TGH, Ch. 1).

After a Myrddraal and Trollocs break Padan Fain out of the Fal Dara keep, Lan goes to the dungeons. There, he finds Rand, and delivers a message from Moiraine: that Rand can leave Fal Dara whenever he wishes (TGH, Ch. 6).

Lan goes to Rand’s room to let him know that the Amyrlin has sent for him. He proceeds to pick out clothing for Rand to wear and gives Rand instructions on how to behave; he tells Rand to pay proper respect to the Amyrlin, but also to look her in the eye and not to grovel. When Rand asks why Lan is helping him, Lan responds that he is at least a little bit on Rand’s side (TGH, Ch. 7). He also wonders later if he might have been caught up by Rand’s ta’veren nature (TGH, Ch. 22). Before they leave the room, Lan presents Rand with a pin in the shape of the Red Eagle of Manetheren (TGH, Ch. 7).

Lan escorts Rand to his audience with the Amyrlin Seat. Leane, however, will not allow Lan to accompany him inside the room, as she says that Moiraine has something else for him to do. Before the door shuts between them, Rand hears Lan say, “Tai’shar Manetheren” (TGH, Ch. 8).

Lan and Moiraine are to go back to Tar Valon with Siuan. Before they leave, Lan speaks with Nynaeve, who has been avoiding him during their time in Fal Dara. Although Lan maintains that he has nothing to offer Nynaeve, he gifts her his signet ring, which is the ancient ring of the Kings of Malkier. He tells her that it will grant her guestright and help from any Borderland lord, as well as aid from any Warder. He also tells her that if she ever sends him the ring or a message that she has marked with the ring, he will come to her. He then leaves to finish preparing for the journey to Tar Valon, as they will be leaving that day (TGH, Ch. 8).

Before Rand leaves Fal Dara to search for the Horn of Valere, Lan gives Rand one last sword lesson, telling him that a time might come when he needs to use a sword form called Sheathing the Sword. This is to be used “when you must achieve a goal at all costs” and involves allowing “the sword to be sheathed in your own body” (TGH, Ch. 9).

Lan leaves Fal Dara with Moiraine and the other Aes Sedai. During the journey to Tar Valon, he and Nynaeve speak once and argue, although it is never revealed what they argue about. When they are done speaking, Nynaeve is crying and Lan stands watching her tent for a long time (TGH, Ch. 12).

Moiraine has begun to fear that Lan is drifting away from her and is no longer fully committed to her cause. She is troubled by the actions he took in preparing Rand for his meeting with Siuan, and also by his feelings for Nynaeve. She thinks that he is going to eventually ask her to release his bond (TGH, Ch. 22).

On the way to Tar Valon, Lan and Moiraine disappear (TGH, Ch. 12). They go to Adeleas and Vandene’s house in Tifan's Well in Arafel, where Moiraine proceeds to spend time researching. One night while there, Moiraine reminds Lan of how they met, and then asks him if he regrets allowing her to bond him. He replies in the negative. However, when Moiraine goes on to tell him that she has arranged for his bond to be passed to Myrelle in the event of her own death, Lan is outraged. He tells her that he plans to make sure she lives (TGH, Ch. 22).

After his conversation with Moiraine, Lan goes outside to spar with Jaem. He is too angry to focus, however, and decides to go back inside. He is just in time to save Moiraine from an attack by a Draghkar (TGH, Ch. 22).

After the attack by the Draghkar, Moiraine and Lan leave Tifan’s Well to return to Rand (TGH, Ch. 22). They reach Falme before Rand’s battle with Ba’alzamon in the sky, and help get Rand out of the city. When Rand awakens five days outside of Falme, Lan and Moiraine are with him (TGH, Ch. 49).

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

In Tear (Nation) Lan and Nynaeve spend a lot of time together (TSR, Ch. 9). When he finds out that Nynaeve is leaving for Tanchico, he wants to go with her. She orders him to stay with Moiraine (TSR, Ch. 16).

The Fires of Heaven

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Until Moiraine's death, he remains by her side. He starts to feel conflicted between his loyalty to Moiraine and his love of Nynaeve. Moiraine notices that he is changing. She questions his loyalty (TGH, Ch. 22; TFoH, Ch. 7). Since a Warder does not survive the breaking of the bond upon the death of his Aes Sedai, she arranges that in case of her death the bond is passed to Myrelle until she can then pass it to Nynaeve. She doesn't want him to waste his life either avenging her or taking up his useless quest in the Blight. When Lan finds out, he is not happy about it. He feels like a pet dog that is being passed around (TGH, Ch. 22). When Moiraine falls through the doorframe ter'angreal with Lanfear (TFoH, Ch. 52), Lan feels that the bond is broken. He leaves to find his new Aes Sedai (TFoH, Ch. 53).

Lord of Chaos

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Lan travels through Cairhien, Andor, and Murandy to reach Myrelle in Salidar. He does not turn aside from any fight he comes across, travelling in as straight a line as possible, and thus sustains a number of wounds on the journey (LoC, Ch. 52).

Finally, he arrives in Salidar and finds Myrelle where she is waiting outside of the village. He almost kills two of Myrelle's other Warders, Nuhel and Croi, before he realizes who they are. Myrelle uses the bond to bring him closer to her (LoC, Ch. 52).

A Crown of Swords

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Later Egwene finds out that Myrelle, who joined the rebels in Salidar, hides Lan to cover up that his bond was passed against his will. Lan is almost in a state of insanity. Egwene thinks that the only one who can save him is Nynaeve. She weaves a gateway to Ebou Dar for him, so that he can join her there (ACoS, Ch. 12).

When Nynaeve takes a boat to meet with the Mistress of the Ships, she is attacked by Moghedien and nearly drowns. Lan saves her. Lan tells her that he is bonded to Myrelle. Nynaeve is furious. He says that Myrelle is lending him to Nynaeve until she can find her own Warder, but Nynaeve makes it clear that she intends to have him as a husband and as a Warder (ACoS, Ch. 31). They get married immediately in a Sea Folk ceremony (ACoS, Ch. 37).

Path of Daggers

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Nynaeve is displeased about Lan’s promise to Mat that he will take care of her. She argues with him about it in their rooms, and continues the argument as they join Elayne, Aviendha, and Birgitte again, informing him in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t need to be protected. She is brought up short, however, when Lan informs her that he will die on the day she does (TPoD, Ch. 1).

After they stop to speak with Teslyn, Lan reminds Nynaeve and Elayne that they should hurry and leave the Tarasin Palace before the storm that Nynaeve feels coming actually hits (TPoD, Ch. 1).

When Aviendha weaves a gateway out of Ebou Dar, Lan, Birgitte, and Cieryl Arjuna are the first ones to go through (TPoD, Ch. 1). They scout the area, with Lan taking the north, and then see about getting all of the packhorses through the gateway. He helps Nynaeve mount her horse before they ride off towards the Kin’s farm (TPoD, Ch. 2). Lan scouts on the way, and Nynaeve insists on accompanying him (TPoD, Ch. 3).

As they near the Kin’s farm, Nynaeve sends Lan to bring Reanne to her. When the Kin at the farm panic upon seeing Aes Sedai, she sends Lan to stop some of the women who are running away (TPoD, Ch. 3).

After Nynaeve and the others use the Bowl of the Winds, Lan stays by her side. When the Seanchan attack, he Travels with everyone else to one of Elayne’s estates in Andor. Lan is second through the gateway, right behind Birgitte. While Elayne stays behind with Aviendha and Birgitte in order to unweave the gateway, preventing the Seanchan from being able to read the residue, Nynaeve and Lan lead everyone else away for their protection. Lan and Nynaeve themselves, however, then return for Elayne, Aviendha, and Birgitte (TPoD, Ch. 6). Lan removes a crossbow bolt from Birgitte’s leg so that Nynaeve can Heal her, and then they all ride five miles to join the others at Elayne’s estate (TPoD, Ch. 20).

Along with the others, Lan rides towards Caemlyn (TPoD, Ch. 20). They pass through a number of villages, including Harlon Bridge and Cullen's Crossing. Near Cullen’s Crossing, he discovers that Adeleas and Ispan have been poisoned and sends for Nynaeve and Elayne. When Vandene arrives, he moves to keep her away, but she insists on entering the room. When Nynaeve later hears Vandene grieving her sister, Lan stops her from intruding (TPoD, Ch. 28).

Finally, after more than two weeks of travel (TPoD, Ch. 20; (TPoD, Ch. 28), Lan and the others reach Caemlyn (TPoD, Ch. 28).

Winter's Heart

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

Lan and the others settle into the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. Nynaeve has forbidden Lan to attend her teaching sessions with the Sea Folk (WH, Ch. 11).

Lan keeps Nynaeve in their rooms all morning, not letting her put any clothing on (WH, Ch. 11). Later that day, Lan keeps an eye on the hallways while Nynaeve and Elayne speak about Zarya and Kirstian, and then stands by as they later speak to Reanne and Alise. When Nynaeve and Elayne learn that Alivia wishes to be uncollared and have to decide whether or not to trust her, Lan tells them that they would be no better than the Seanchan if they refuse to remove the a’dam. Alise is displeased at Lan’s interjection. When Nynaeve agrees with Lan and insists that the a’dam must be removed, Lan is proud of her (WH, Ch. 10).

The next day, after Talaan tries to talk Nynaeve into taking her to the White Tower, Nynaeve tells Lan that she wants him to take her back to their rooms and not let her leave again and he laughs out loud (WH, Ch. 11).

When Rand sneaks into the Royal Palace to speak with Nynaeve, Lan is with her. Lan and Rand briefly exchange some words about their respective inability to send away the women they love. Lan recognizes that Rand is dangerous and stays on guard while Rand and Nynaeve talk. When Lan learns that Rand wants Nynaeve to help him cleanse saidin, Lan is concerned about the danger it will pose to Nynaeve. When Nynaeve announces that she will help but that she wants to go with Rand now, neither Lan nor Rand is happy (WH, Ch. 11). When Aviendha, Elayne, and Min join them and Rand confesses that he is in love with all three women, Lan is startled (WH, Ch. 12).

Lan and Nynaeve leave the Royal Palace with Rand and Min early the next morning. Alivia goes with them as well (WH, Ch. 12). They go to Far Madding to locate the rogue Asha’man who tried to kill Rand in Cairhien. They stay at The Crown of Maredo inn. After Rand encounters Kisman and Rochaid in the city and Rochaid is killed, he goes back to The Crown of Maredo and gives Lan an account of what happened (WH, Ch. 22). The group moves to The Counsel’s Head inn in case the other Asha’man have figured out where they are staying. Eventually, the small group in Far Madding is joined by Cadsuane, Verin, Alanna, and others (WH, Ch. 23).

Lan and Rand continue searching for the remaining rogue Asha’man, but are not having any luck. Over a cup of wine at The Counsel’s Head, Rand tells Lan that he wishes to leave Far Madding. They talk about how Nynaeve, Min, and Alivia are out riding with Cadsuane; Nynaeve has ordered Lan not to tell Rand where she is, but because Rand actually already knows, Lan tells him that Nynaeve and Min hope to smooth the path over between Rand and Cadsuane. Lan also informs Rand that Nynaeve is making a sacrifice for him, as Cadsuane does not treat her very well, and that Rand should remember that (WH, Ch. 32).

After Rand receives a letter informing him that Torval and Gedwyn are staying on Blue Carp Street, he, Lan, and Nynaeve come up with a plan, although Lan and Rand both admit that the letter is likely a trap. They go to Zeram’s shop, where the two Asha’man are renting a room, and Nynaeve uses her well to lift Lan and Rand to the roof. Once on the roof, they use a trapdoor to get inside the building. They find that Torval and Gedwyn are inside, but already dead, and that they have obviously been killed by Fain. They find Fain and Toram Riatin further inside the building. Lan battles and kills Toram, although he is injured in the process. When Fain runs away, Lan and Rand climb back to the roof of the building, where Lan slips. Rand catches him by the wrist before he falls to the street, but struggles to hold him up. Lan tells him to let go, and Rand refuses but then loses his grip and they both go over the edge (WH, Ch. 33). Lan breaks his arm in the fall, and both he and Rand are arrested by guards and put in the cells (WH, Ch. 34; WH, Ch. 35).

Cadsuane manages to secure Lan and Rand’s release, and Nynaeve Heals Lan. The group then leaves Far Madding and Travels to near Shadar Logoth. Lan scouts the nearby forest with Nethan and Bassane, and spends the cleansing of saidin helping to protect Nynaeve and Rand (WH, Ch. 35).

After saidin has been cleansed, Lan rushes to Nynaeve’s side (WH, Ch. 35).

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

After Rand and Nynaeve cleanse saidin, Lan goes with them to Algarin Pendaloan’s estate in Tear so that they can recover (CoT, Ch. 23).

Lan spars with Narishma in the courtyard of Algarin’s estate. Lan defeats Narishma at least three times in a row, and Narishma demands another round (CoT, Ch. 23).

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

Lan and Nynaeve are still part of Rand's party at Algarin's estates in Tear. Lan disapproves of Rand's plans with the Seanchan. In his opinion, Rand should concentrate on the Borderlands now that Tarmon Gai'don is approaching (KoD, Ch. 20).

Nynaeve knows that Lan is torn between staying close to her and his duty in the Borderlands. Even though she wants him to stay near her, she cannot deny that this is not where he belongs. She offers to bring him to the Borderlands, if he vows to ride to Fal Moran before entering the Blight and to let any man who wishes to ride with him join him. They travel to the Borderlands, but before Lan realizes that she actually took him to World's End in Saldaea, instead of to Shienar, she leaves through another gateway. Before she returns to Rand, she instructs a Malkieri merchant to pass on the message of Lan riding through the Borderlands to every single Malkieri he knows. She does not want her husband to ride to Tarmon Gai'don alone (KoD, Ch. 20).

The Gathering Storm

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Lan continues to ride towards Tarwin’s Gap; although he does not appear in The Gathering Storm, Nynaeve thinks of him often.

Nynaeve tells Rand that Lan is riding towards Tarwin’s Gap (TGS, Ch. 31). Rand thinks that Lan will serve as a good distraction for the Shadow. He doesn’t seem to care that Lan will almost certainly die (TGS, Ch. 31; TGS, Ch. 44). Nynaeve is determined to somehow find help for Lan (TGS, Ch. 44).

Towers of Midnight

This section contains spoilers relating to Towers of Midnight. Please expand to view.

Lan makes his way across Saldaea. He is trying to avoid being seen as he doesn't want anyone to join him. He is caught off guard by Bulen who joins him. Lan doesn't want him to come but thanks to his promise to Nynaeve he has to let him. His army grows from one to two. He tells Bulen not to raise the flag and to keep quiet.(ToM, Prologue) Weeks later Bulen and Lan are still travelling when Lan sees three people he thinks are highwaymen but as they walk by the three join them. He recognizes Andere and Nazar and the third man was Rakim, they came to join him. His army became five people strong.(ToM, Ch. 7) Still on their path in Kandor right before the Arafel border they are joined by eight more men who had been with Andere's group and were waiting for them. They had sold everything they owned and bought supplies. They had men pulling wagons of supplies. The five had become dozens.(ToM, Ch. 23) Lan made it to Silverwall Keeps, the way to cross the Kandor/Arafel border through the pass. Lan found several thousand people waiting with flags flying including those of the Golden Crane. Lan keeps quiet and makes it all the way to the other side before he is recognized by the grandson of the Queen of Kandor, Kaisei Noramaga. She tells him that they have all been waiting warned by Nynaeve. He said he is with the prince of Arafel who is also coming. Lan finally gives in and welcomes all of them his army going from dozens to thousands.(ToM, Ch. 42) Lan made it to Tarwin's Gap where on the other side an army of hundreds of thousands of Trollocs waited. He thinks about how normally an army tries to hold their side but not this time. This time they attack to reclaim Malkier. Lan makes a speech then his army of twelve thousand men charge the army of at least one hundred and fifty thousand Trollocs (ToM, Epilogue).

A Memory of Light


Nynaeve: They meet each other when Rand, Mat and Perrin are taken from Emond's Field to Tar Valon by Moiraine. Slowly he falls in love with her but he doesn't want to admit it because he wants her to be happy with a man who isn't doomed to die fighting the Shadow. He tries to shake her off, make a clean cut but she is persistent. Until she proposes to him, he still tries to get her to find another husband. Needless to say, they get married.

Moiraine: He meets Moiraine by chance in Kandor when they are traveling the same road and she claims the "right of a woman alone" after being thrown in a pond by Lan because she tried to sneak up on him (NS, Ch. 19). Through what happens in "New Spring," they discover their common goal: the fight against the Shadow. Moiraine convinces him that he can more effectively fight the Shadow at her side, rather than going to the Blight to avenge a country that doesn't exist anymore. She bonds him (NS, Epilogue).

Bukama: One of the Malkieri that train the infant Lan. He's the last one to survive out of the twenty that carried Lan to safety (NS, Ch. 1). He is killed in New Spring by another Malkieri who is supposedly Lan's childhood friend but is also a Darkfriend (NS, Ch. 26).

Rand: Lan turns out to be a valuable advisor to Rand. He not only teaches him the use of the sword but also how to behave and dress to fit in with royalty (TEotW, Ch. 53; TGH, Ch. 1, Ch. 7, Ch. 8; TSR, Ch. 37, Ch. 48; TFoH, Ch. 49). Lan doesn't approve of Moiraine swearing fealty to Rand (TFoH, Ch. 7). Lan thinks that Rand shouldn't concentrate on the Seanchan now that Tarmon Gai'don is so near. He should assemble the Borderlanders and ride north because that's where Tarmon Gai'don will be (KoD, Ch. 20).


  • During her Accepted Test, Nynaeve sees a reality in which she and Lan are married and rule Malkier. They have three children (TGH, Ch. 23).
  • Rides a "deep-chested dark stallion" named Mandarb, which means "blade" in the Old Tongue (TDR, Ch. 35).

This section contains spoilers relating to New Spring. Please expand to view.

  • Is called Aan'allein by the Aiel, which means "One Man Alone" (Lan's own translation, NS, Ch. 1) in the Old Tongue. The correct translation is "man who is an entire people" (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 28).
  • The oath that was sworn in his name when he was an infant: "To stand against the Shadow so long as iron is hard and stone abides. To defend the Malkieri while one drop of blood remains. To avenge what cannot be defended" (NS, Ch. 16).
  • Has a sword made in the Age of Legends, forged with the One Power. It was given to him at his birth (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 28; NS, Ch. 19).
  • Assumes a state similar to Rand's Void which he calls ko'di, the oneness, where he feeds all his emotions into a flame (one example: NS, Ch. 19).


"Death comes sooner or later to everyone unless they serve the Dark One, and only fools are willing to pay that price." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 7)

"The Wheel weaves us all into the Pattern as it wills. You have less freedom about it than most, but by the Light, you can still face it on your feet." (to Rand; The Great Hunt, Chapter 7)

"I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile. No woman deserves the sure knowledge of widow's black as her bride price, you least of all." (to Nynaeve; The Great Hunt, Chapter 48)

"What could not be changed must be endured" (New Spring, Chapter 1)

"Death came for every man eventually, and seldom where and when he expected" (New Spring, Chapter 1)

"He had two things, he said, a sword that would not break and a war that would not end" (Moiraine about Lan; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 7)

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

“‘You can never know everything,’ Lan said quietly, ‘and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyway.” (Lan to Rand; WH, Ch. 32)

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

"My name is Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran. The message I want sent is this. My husband rides from World's End toward Tarwin's Gap, toward Tarmon Gai'don. Will he ride alone?" (Nynaeve to Malkieri merchant; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 20)

"Lan told me once that Malkier lives so long as one man wears the hadori in pledge that he will fight the Shadow, so long as one woman wears the ki'sain in pledge that she will send her sons to fight the Shadow. I wear the ki'sain, Master Aldragoran. My husband wears the hadori. So do you. Will Lan Mandragoran ride to the Last Battle alone?" (Nynaeve to Malkieri merchant; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 20)

"He will not, my Lady. I cannot stand surety for anyone else, but I swear to you under the Light and by my hope of rebirth and salvation, he will not ride alone." (Malkieri merchant to Nynaeve; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 20)

"The men who fight have glory, but the battle itself is not glory. It simply is." (Lan; A Memory of Light, Chapter 9)