Ode to why Novices should concentrate on their studies rather than men!

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~by Thoridyss Wyborn

A Novice scurrying through the halls

Dropping curtsies as goes running by.

Class after class filled with so many lessons, alas!

Dishes to clean, errands to run, and a penance, don't ask why!

Off to study and prepare for bed

Singing, stories, playing games,

Novices taking breaks from filling their heads.

Candles snuffed, asleep before her head hits the pillow,

Lessons stumble, tumble through her dreams.

No time for love, no time for boys

Hopping for every Aes Sedai, sneaking an extra egg cream

Stops for a peek at the practice field

Men dancing sword with such form and grace.

She stops to oogle for a moment more

Staring at each rugged, handsome face.

She sighs, she pines, a day dream

Lost in thought and finds herself in his arms

Blushing and giggling she snuggles back

Aes Sedai frown and both fear harm.

The Novice curtsies and to the MoN's office runs

She shakes with dread, with fear

The spanking she knows awaits her within

The Mistress of Novice's lectures fall on welcoming ears:

Men, my child, are a charming distraction.

A sweet amusement set to tempt innocent novices

Focus, my child, on your studies and work hard.

And remember, my child, that Aes Sedai have warders not vices!