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The Wheel of Time book series is an epic fantasy series, written by Robert Jordan, and later finished with the help of Brandon Sanderson.

The first novel in the series - "The Eye of the World" - was published on January 15, 1991. The last book in the series - "A Memory of Light" - was published on January 8, 2013, almost 22 years after the series began.

In the TarValon.Net Library, we strive to have information on every character, place, object and concept mentioned in the series.

  • Character Summaries - Every character featured in or mentioned in the series
  • Cultures and Societies: The various nations and cultures encountered in the book
  • History: History from the Age of Legends to the time of the books
  • Geography: the Geography of the world and the continents on it.
  • List of Maps: A list of all maps that are printed in the books and where to find them.
  • The One Power: The One Power, its useage and users.
  • Prophecies: Prophecies, Visions, Foretellings and Dreams

  • Glossaries
    • Character Glossary: All Characters from books up to and including the Gathering Storm
    • Location Glossary: Places from books up to and including the Gathering Storm
    • Terms Glossary: Objects, concepts and terms from books up to and including the Gathering Storm

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