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The City Council is a staff position under the Department of Membership and is responsible for helping new members adjust to TarValon.Net. The duties of the committee include welcoming new members, answering questions new members may have about the community, including on Tower Bylaws or Member Manuals, and moderating the Introductions forum.

Department: Department of Membership

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: 6 month rotation

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

The City Council reports directly to the Mayor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcoming new members, answering their questions, and generally being available for them.
  • Help with special activities and Feast Day events, for example altering avatars.
  • Patrol the Introductions Forum and work with visitors, helping them get avatars, get enough posts, and become citizens.
  • Keep the team updated on who they’ve greeted, and let me know of any membership items that need follow-up.
  • Maintains a Google Drive spreadsheet of the active visitors and track their credentials toward becoming a citizen as they move through the process.
  • Help the Mayor organize documents or record information in other areas as they develop, and prepare data for membership reports.
  • In charge of special projects - i.e. getting Citizens organized for Free Weeks, keeping an eye and helping hand on the City forums, working on the Citizens’ Class, and whatever else we can dream up to help our Visitors, Citizens, and City be awesome.


  • Have an email address you are willing to share with at least the mayor. Some of the projects may require you to have an email you are willing to share with everyone in the forum. If you uncomfortable using your primary email, creating a faux-email whose only use is for this forum is okay.
  • Be trainable - You don't have to know anything coming into this position; we can teach you everything you need to know. For some things, however, we use Google Drive, a set of Microsoft Office-esque free online programs, and your position and future projects may require you to use it. (Spreadsheet experience is preferred for the Scribe.)
  • Be enthusiastic, creative, and forward-thinking! I'm most excited for members of the committee who have ideas for how we can better involve new members -- no matter how big or small the idea is.

Time Commitment

  • Spend approximately 5-10 hours a week.


  • Be a full member of the site (i.e. must have attained the rank of Citizen or higher).


A Welcoming Committee was formed after Saminda Sedai stepped down and the position of New Member Services Coordinator was discontinued. In January 2015, the roles were changed to give specific functions of Greeter, Scribe and Renaissance man/woman (later renamed as City Architect) and increased from a maximum of 4 members to 5. In 2020, the Welcome Committee changed name to the City Council.